The Best Way to Clean & Care for a Cork Yoga Mat:

A healthy lifestyle is something everybody wishes to keep but few work for it as well. One of the key roles played in keeping a healthy lifestyle is meditation, exercise, and yoga. Exercise makes your muscles relax and it helps in keeping your nervous system perfect. It relaxes your muscles and brings you at peace. It also makes your mind relax too. For all these aspects, yoga is really helpful for a good shape of the body and a healthy lifestyle as well.

For the yoga, you would be requiring a room, a cork yoga mat, and of course, a healthy and enthusiastic spirit and you are all set to go! Cork yoga mat? Yes! A cork yoga mat is a special kind of rug on which you can place your body and relax it. You can perform yoga easily and do your meditation as well. Every day if it is a part of your routine to perform yoga, your cork yoga mat would also be in use every day and it needs cleaning as well. The material with which such cork yoga mat is manufactured is quite different in composition and you cannot fold your yoga mat and throw it in your washing machines. It has different ways to wash it. If you are searching for ways of how to wash cork yoga mats, you are exactly on the right platform! Here are some of the steps to be followed while washing and taking care of your yoga mats;

When should you wash your mats:

It’s not at all suggested that you wash your yoga mats every time you use them. Once in a week or twice in a month is fairly enough. The washing of these mats is also not very easy as they absorb water and become quite weighted so it becomes tough to handle them and then drying them would also be very time taking too.

Cork yoga mat cleaning:

The best way suggested to clean your yoga mats is to spread your yoga mat and use a piece of wet fabric and roll it all over the mat. Clean your yoga mat with a wet piece of cloth and you are all set to use it again. One thing should be kept in your mind and that is not to use any harsh or abrasive/rough material against your mat. This act can destroy the quality of your mats and makes them dull in appearance as well. In this way, you can take good care of your yoga mats as well and their quality of material would also be not ruined. Once you are done with the cleaning of your yoga mats, you can hang them in the open air and let them dry out completely. Once it’s dried out you have to make sure if it’s completely dried or not. If the mat is partially dried and you fold it, the next day would be a worst-case scenario for you as it might contain a smell in it.


Yoga is best for your health and you should take good care of your yoga mats as well by keeping them clean.



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