If you are new to yoga, you are likely to be confused by all the clothing available. Maybe you only go to yoga classes once in a while, but you want to add new clothes to your wardrobe. It is important to start with the basics and feel comfortable while exercising.


Basic pants:

Boot cut: The boot cut is a type of baggy boot pants, just like normal pants or jeans. They are close to the thigh and wider at the bottom.

Capri: These pants end slightly below the knee or mid-calf. They are ideal for yoga classes in summer on the hottest days.

Leggings: These women's leggings come down to the ankles, hug the body and show your shape from the waist down.

A lot; Baggy pants made of soft material are good for the humble practitioner and offer much more comfort and freedom of movement.

Yoga plans

Sports Bra: This garment will help keep everything in place and make you feel more comfortable practicing yoga.

T-shirt or top: You can choose between different shapes, whether they are sleeves, short sleeves or long sleeves. They can be close to the body or looser depending on what you prefer and your silhouette.

Equipment and accessories

In addition to the clothes we mentioned, you will need other yoga accessories that we will mention:

Mat: If you have been determined to do yoga for a long time, it is best to buy your own mat. This improves hygiene and you can even exercise at home if you wish.

Non-slip socks: They are the best option for your feet when you practice yoga. They prevent it from slipping.

Garters: They are necessary for the practice of yoga. They are used to take stretching positions and prevent injuries.

Foam Block: It will help you with certain poses and give you support.

The clothing you choose for yoga classes will largely depend on the branch of that practice that you are practicing. For example, if you opt for Bikram Yoga (hot yoga), prefer tight clothing such as leggings, capris, and tank tops. Avoid loose clothing, as it will sweat and bother you during poses.

Remember that in any exercise comfort is very important, it is more important than style. Do not wear anything just because it suits you, prefer clothes that make you feel completely comfortable.

Don't spend too much on yoga clothing, equipment, or accessories. This exercise is about simplicity. The same goes for clothing. Don't buy anything over the top or too expensive. As we said before, the first thing to consider is comfort.

Remember to always wash your sports clothes. Each fabric has a different way of washing. It is best to read the labels and follow the washing instructions.



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