How To Wear Harem Pants?

Harem pants are usually worn all over the US and in Europe. Considered a fashion trend, it’s always paired with t-shirts and cool tops to give it a western look. Harem pants have a classy look as they are large and are quite spacious, they can be worn for dance classes and yoga as well. They are quite elastic from the waist which means you can stretch them as much as you can and they will return to their original position.

There are certain ways to wear harem pants and these are;


There are certain colors of t-shirts that look bomb when you wear them with harem pants. Some bold and strong colors that can be carried with harem pants are black, grey, white, and brown. You can carry a great combination of black harem paired with a white top or pearl white off shoulders as well. Some basic plain tops can also be paired with classic printed harems as well. There are some other classic hues of blue, green, indigo, violet, and black as well that can be carried with floral printed harems too. To flaunt the look, even more, you can style your printed harem and plain t-shirt with classy heels as well.

Styling with Harem Pants:

There are a lot of different ways to carry a harem pant with tops and t-shirts as well. One of the best options to flaunt your harem look is with a printed t-shirt or a top. Another way is to carry your harem pants with a plain white tank top. You can also carry it with a leather jacket that will be something very cool. But since the jacket is quite warm from the inside so it’s better to carry a harem with a jacket only when the weather allows you to do. Another best way to carry your harem is to wear it with a boho blouse which can be considered an epitome of class and grace or you can call it a great option as a high street style. Drop shoulder or off-shoulder tops are also very cool when worn with harem pants. They bring you an awesome look that you can carry while on a vacation or a cool outing with friends as well.

Places where you can flaunt your harem pants:

You can wear harem pants where ever you want but the best places are some of these places which would suit you best to carry your harem with tops and tees. Some places like your dance class or your gym where you do your meditation and yoga, you can also carry these harem pants at work as well since it gives a classy and stylish look. A harem with a plain top and high heels is the best combo to flaunt!


Harem pants are a sure way to make you feel confident about your overall look and personality. You can rock your look with it. Do give it a try and feel awesome because why not?



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