How to wash Harem Pants quickly and easily!

Since when denim has came into our lives, we hardly pick anything else for our dress up. There are a number of pant styles that are introduced in the markets and one of the most worn collection includes Harem pants. This pant style is usually different than others. We choose dresses from our wardrobes, dress up and throw them in wash.

The washing process of jeans and pants is usually time taking and even though we have automatic washing machines but still their washing process seems hectic as cotton has high absorbency and it becomes weighted. For harem pants, it’s not like that. It’s an easy-go process.

Here is a guide blog for you all. If you are browsing internet and finding the best and easy way to wash harem pants, you are on the right spot!

Materials required for the wash

Likewise, if you are planning to wash harem pants, you must be needing stuff like a bucket. For the best results, you can use cold water specifically. The reason to choose cold water against hot or Luke warm water is that cold water would bring out the stains more quickly where as hot water would have the tendency to make the fabric shrink.

Instructions to wash

Once you have gathered the materials required to wash your harem pants, you can fill in the bucket in which you are planning to wash it. Make sure to be very specific while adding the detergent into the solvent. Good quantity of detergent might destroy the texture and appearance where as too less quality would be useless as it wouldn’t clean the garment properly. Also, once you have added the detergent into cold water and soak up your pants in it, do not forget to take it out after good 15 to 20 minutes because that’s how it works! Soaking it up for a longer time might harm its texture as its fabric is delicate in nature and should be catered the way it’s instructed.

After soaking it up with the detergent, you do not have to smash and pull it up again and again in a harsh way, it doesn’t need that. All you can do is to make swirls in the bucket gently and there you go. It doesn’t need a lot of rubbing and smashing to get cleaned.


Once you have toggled and swirled it in the water in which it kept on soaking, you can take it out and rinse in clean water.

Dry it out

You can dry it out by spreading it wide in an open place or if you need it to dry out quickly, the best way would be to put it in front of a fan and surprise yourself with the quick dry out process.

The Do’s and the Donts with Washing Harem Pants

Avoid throwing these pants into the washing machine just as you do with your denim. The delicate fabric needs to be catered gently or else I ye texture would be harmed. Try using organic detergents for the wash of these harem pants. The reason is that oreganos detergents or surfactants are chemical free and they donot harm the quality of the fabric as well. Avoid whirling these pants in order to save them from shrinkage.


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