A simple meditation that clears the mind for a fresh start

Life gives us hard times at some point where it gets difficult to combats the situations life is throwing at you. All we do is to take it all out by discussing it with our loved ones or by weeping it to the point where we no longer feel sad or depressed about any hardship. What’s the best way to have a fresh start to a new day? If you are looking for the same answer to such a question, you are in the right place!

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for you to have a fresh start for your day while having a simple mind-clearing meditation;


Look for a place at your home which is quiet and there are fewer chances of interaction with people living in it. The best option would be if you choose an open place to meditate.

Dress up:

Keep yourself in the most comfortable clothing; lightweight, stretchable and soft. The reason is if you are in tight and uncomfortable clothes, you would not be able to concentrate and meditation is all about concentration!

Inhale it all:

According to your capacity, inhale as much as you can. For a good 8-10 seconds take in all the air thinking that you are taking in all the positivity from your surrounding. Try not to hold on to your breath as this would bring pressure on your lungs and you would hardly meditate. Meditation doesn’t ask for any pressure, it’s all about keeping your mind in peace and harmony.


Once you have inhaled for a good 5-10 seconds, leave your breath. Exhale all the air that you have inhaled, keeping in mind that you are exhaling all the toxicity and cruciality from your soul. Once you get done doing it, try repeating the process. Keep your mind focused, leave every thought aside and just meditate in silence and feel the connection you have with your Lord. Just keep one thing in mind and that is to take a deep breath. Deep breath doesn’t require you to hold onto your breathe for a longer time. Just feel it.

Close your eyes:

One big point to keep in mind is to keep your eyes closed and that would be the best way for you to feel the meditation in a greater way. Keep your mind thought-free and close your eyes. Just feel the connection in silence!


How doing all these points would be beneficial for your health? Meditation is the best way to improve your health! You can come over any anxiety which is eating your brain, you can have a peaceful sleep at night. You would be able to get rid of insomnia. You would be able to deal with all the stress. Hence proved, meditation plays a vital role in making your mind fresh and your life as well. Keep meditating and make it a part of your life and you would be able to notice great changes in your living patterns. It brings a lot of positivity and freshness as well. It brings a great impact on your overall health. Keep meditating!



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